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In Web Magazine “VocaloLight” issued in April 2012, author “Micah” wrote an article about kermit.

Producer’s Spotlight: “Kermit”

Known for Gumi songs such as “Rendezvous”, he is a producer that you have to remember.

VocalolightOne of Kermit’s first songs, “Stargazer” was released, using none other than the Megpoid software. With over 5,000 views of YouTube, it isn’t as famous as the other songs using the Gumi software, but just as amazing. The soft notes and Gumi’s beautiful voice gives the song a very calming and beautiful feeling, as if you are truly looking out into the stars. The power of music can simply do those things to you, and give you those types of uplifting feelings, and Kermit’s music simply does those things to you. A beautiful song, never-the-less.

Another song of his, “Rendezvous”, is great as well. With a tune that can’t help but stick in your head, you wonder why you’ve never stumbled upon this song before, or at least, that is what I thought as I began to listen to Kermit’s songs. The chorus is sweet and cute, and reminds me of an old memory of long ago, but will not be disclosed here, for the fact that I don’t even remember what is going on in the memory. Kermit used a Gibson ES-335 guitar model, which is most likely the reason why the song sounds so sweet, as well as the fact that Kermit is an avid guitar player, with his YouTube name being “Coolgtr”. I then began to fade out of my memory as the song fades away as well.

Ever since I listened to Kermit’s song “Carnival”, I’ve been wanting to visit a Carnival, but due to the lack of Carnivals going on in the spring time, I still have to wait a few months until Summer to enjoy everything a Carnival has to offer, but for right now, I am fine with just simply listening to the song. With the rainbow-colored theme the song has, the song bursts with happiness, and causes me to wish for the more simple things in life. Like running through a meadow, yet, I live in a busy city, so that is not likely to happen anytime soon. Like I said before, I just have this song and my own imagination to enjoy myself in. And yet, I am solely content with that.

Oh boy. Cookies! This now became my official new favorite Gumi song. Thank you Kermit, for this sweet song and even more sweet (literally) PV. Now if only there were subtitles…and we could understand what the song is trying to say. But, music is an international language, so I shall be happy and just enjoy Gumi’s kind voice, and Kermit’s soothing guitar. Because of the title “Midnight Cookies” I now realize the idea of how much I do have midnight snacks. But back on topic, “Midnight Cookies” is another song by Kermit that you must see.

Be prepared to have this stuck in your head for the next few days, as it has already happened to me. In “Nostalgic Future”, Kermit uses his Gibson Les Paul to accompany Gumi’s gentle voice, and even has a solo in the middle of the song. Again and again, Kermit has a knack for creating unique tunes that happen to stay in your brain, and take forever to get out, not that I would exactly mind, in fact. I also notice that Kermit has a trend of having the songs fade out in the end, and I love it, the way that they give a somewhat myseterious vibe to it, pushing you to press the replay button.

As you can tell, Kermit has a pretty good hand when it comes to using the Megpoid software. His original songs are sweet and cute, ones that you can’t help but want to listen to over and over again. If you want to listen to more of songs for yourself, then make sure to look out for him on Nico Nico Douga, or subscribe to his Youtube channel, Coolgtr. Make sure to download his songs and recommend him to your friends!




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